The Most Beautiful Places in Iceland

Iceland is often called the Land of Ice and Fire, a land where volcanoes, glaciers and geothermal heat have made their mark on the landscape. Iceland is a country of extreme geological contrasts. Widely known as “The Land of Fire and Ice” Iceland is home to some of the largest glaciers in Europe, and some of the world’s most active volcanoes. Iceland is an island, a European country, located midway between North America and mainland Europe. Iceland, the lonely island in the middle of the North Atlantic, has become a popular spot for Hollywood blockbuster films.


1) Reykjavík  City Iceland

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Reykjavík is the capital and largest city of Iceland. Reykjavik is an extraordinary city, and probably the only place to actually qualify as a city in Iceland. Reykjavík, with its 10 districts, is the capital of Iceland. The population of Reykjavík at the end of year 2016 is 122.500. It’s a great place for a city break and makes an ideal base of operations for going on day tours of nearby regions such as South Iceland, the Snæfellsnes Peninsula or the Westfjords.  Reykjavik is the most northern capital city in the world and is home to more than half of the Icelandic population. 

2) Husavik

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 Húsavík is an adorable fishing town in the Northern part of Iceland just south of the Arctic Circle.  Husavik is a charming little village in the central North of Iceland, known for its incredible whale watching and geothermal baths. Husavik is a delightful town that has come into its own as a tourism destination in recent years and is a great place to go whale watching. The Church in Húsavík is a timber building, built in 1906 and consecrate in 1907. It is a beautiful building and for years housed the whole community of Húsavík. A good campsite in Húsavík with only a short walking distance to the swimming pool and the grocery store.

3) Reykjavik’s Food Markets


Reykjavik’s new trendy food market taking shape. Hlemmur Food Hall is Reykjavík’s first food hall. Even though it opened just a couple years back, it’s difficult to imagine Hlemmur square without it. At Grandi Food Hall, people are encouraged to try different dishes from several food stands, instead of picking just one meal at one restaurant. Höfði Mathöll houses nine diverse food stalls. Specialties from many parts of the world are on offer, including Italian, Indian, Mexican, and of course Icelandic food. Shopping mall Kringlan expanded its food court in 2019 and now has its very own stylish food hall section. If you want to eat like a local, you need to eat Skyr, a thick and creamy dairy product that’s best described as a marriage between yogurt and cottage cheese.

4) Whale Watching, Reykjavik

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There are many tour operators arrange tour for whale watching  in Reykjavik Iceland, offering also sea angling, puffing watching and Northern lights tours.Your whale watching Reykjavik adventure begins at the old harbour, just minutes away from the city center. The high peak season for whale watching is from April to October, but of course the ocean is always full of adventures. Iceland is among the best locations in Europe for Whale Watching. Sail out for adventure with breathtaking views to see the wild Minke Whales!The best time of year to see whales in the waters around Iceland is from April to October. The peak season for activity is from June to August.

5) Hornstrandir Nature Reserve


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Hornstrandir is a nature reserve located in the Westfjords, in the north-west of Iceland.The Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is a remote wilderness in the northwest claw of Iceland’s West Fjords.The nature reserve is located in the Westfjords, a scenic region in Iceland that’s characterized by cliffs, black sand beaches, and fjords.  Iceland’s extreme northwest provides outdoor lovers with the ultimate in untouched nature at Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. Hornstrandir is the most isolated region of Iceland’s coastline.  you can access Hornstrandir by a ferry or charter boat from Ísafjörður. The ferry can take you to five harbors on the peninsula.

6) Reykjavik Christmas Market

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images sources: Roman Gerasymenko

The annual Crafts & Design Christmas market and the Christmas tree sale in Heiðmörk woods, located on the outskirts of Reykjavík, will be open every weekend in December from 12:00 – 17.00. Reykjavík is a wonderful city to visit during Christmastime. Even though December is one of the darkest months in Iceland, the city lights up with Christmas lights. There are a few Christmas markets in Reykjavik. The main one, at Ingólfstorg Square in downtown Reykjavik, is transformed into Yule Town each December. There is certainly no shortage of Christmas markets in Iceland during the month of December . Þingvellir (Thingvellir) is the National Park where the Althing, an open-air assembly representing the whole of Iceland, was established in 930. Þingvellir National Park is located on the northern shore of the Lake Þingvallavatn. Thingvellir is a National Park in Iceland, famous for its serene beauty and the fact that it was the setting where Althing was initially held.

7) Snæfellsjökull and Þingvellir National Parks

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The Snæfellsjökull National Park is the first national park that was established in Iceland, the boundaries of which reach out into the sea.Iceland has 3 main national parksÞingvellir (Thingvellir), Snæfellsjökull (Snaefellsjokull) and Vatnajökull (Vatnajokull) National Park. Vatnajökull, and Snæfellsjökull national parks are full of unique natural beauty, particular geological or ecological significance. The Snæfellsjökull glacier is the crown jewel and revered as a spiritual energy centre of the earth. The glacier offers a majestic view of the diverse landscape. Snæfellsjökull  national park in Iceland that stretches to the seashore, giving you a view of the land, sea, lava rock, and ice into an awe-inspiring landscape.

8) Blue Lagoon, Grindavík

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The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa in southwestern Iceland. Going to the Blue Lagoon is a must for anyone traveling to Iceland! It’s the most popular tourist attraction in Iceland. Just a short drive away from Reykjavík, the Blue Lagoon in Iceland is the best-known spa in the country. Take a dip into warm geothermal waters and surround yourself with top Icelandic nature. Due to the enormous popularity of the lagoon, it is essential that visitors book sessions in advance. The weather outside may be frightful, even in summer, but the waters of the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa in Iceland are always delightful. Iceland’s largest and most famous geothermal spa lies around an hour outside Reykjavik, quite close to Keflavik Airport. 

9) Reykjadalur

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The name of the valley, Reykjadalur, means Steam Valley and you will understand why when the valley opens up after the hike.  Reykjadalur, the Valley of Steam, is a beautiful geothermal region close to the southern town Hveragerði. Located just 40 minutes from Reykjavik in South Iceland, Reykjadalur is an amazing setting for a day hike. Reykjadalur roughly translates to “smokey valley,” and throughout the entire hike, steam is released from the ground in the surrounding hills.  A short 1 hour hike brings you to the Hot River at Reykjadalur. Swim in geothermal waters while soaking in the incredible views that Iceland has to offer. The Reykjadalur hot river trail is one of the most popular hiking treks in Iceland.



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