The Most Beautiful Places in Germany

Germany is a diverse, exciting, constantly surprising country, and there’s always something new to discover.Germany is the most populous nation in the European Union and possesses one of the largest economies in the world. Germany shares borders with nine other countries. Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The primary objective of German foreign policy is to ensure peace and security in the world. Germany is the largest economy in the European Union (EU) and the fourth largest in the world after the USA, China, and Japan. Germany is well positioned as an academic hub. Germany is composed of sixteen states. The states have their own constitution and are largely autonomous in regard to their internal organization. At the municipal level, Germany is divided into 403 districts (Kreise), of which 301 are rural districts and 102 urban districts. Bavaria is the largest state.


1) Berlin

Berlijn, Stad, Duitsland, Toerisme, Landschap, Vakantie

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Berlin Capital Architecture - Free photo on Pixabay

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  • Berlin has the largest train station in Europe. Berlin is 9 times bigger than Paris and has more bridges than Venice. Berlin is the capitol of Germany (since 1990 following German reunification) and has a population of 3.5M people. The world’s largest universal museum has been established in Berlin’s centre.  The largest Chinese garden in Europe is situated in Berlin. Berlin is full of surprises. With its ever-changing life it’s hard to keep up with even a fraction of what is going on in the city.  Berlin is perfect for a city break and to explore its abundance of Christmas Markets, where you’re bound to find gifts for your loved ones! The Victory Column or as it’s known to locals “Golden Lizzie” originally stood in Königsplatz and was relocated to Großer Sternin 1939 at the orders of Hitler.

2) Binz Beach, Rügen

Binz, Rügen, Kurhaus, Zee Bridge, Strand, Baltische Zee

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Binz is the largest seaside resort on the German island of Rügen. The beach in Binz extends for several km in the Prora bay on the east coast of Rügen. It’s one of the longer beaches on Rügen island and fills up with tourists. The best places to stay in Rugen are great bases to enjoy all the fabulous outdoor life that this charming island has to offer. Or kick back and relax at one of the gorgeous beaches. Strand von Binz beach is renowned for its vast expanses of clean white sand and is spacious even at the peak of summer. The seaside resort BINZ is on Germany’s most beautiful and sunny island Ruegen. The resort is greeted enthusiastically by its guests and offers a wide variety of activities. 


3) Cologne

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Cologne is the largest city in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the fourth biggest in Germany. Cologne is the fourth-largest city in Germany and the largest in North Rhine-Westphalia and one of the oldest cities in the country too.  .Cologne is the home of the Cologne Cathedral and Carnival. With just over one million inhabitants. Cologne Cathedral is considered a masterpiece of Gothic architecture and in 1996 was added to the listed of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Cologne is a place that inspires you, encourages you, supports you in your growth and wins you over with its joie de vivre. 


4) Wannsee Beach, Berlin


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Strandbad Wannsee is the largest inland lido of Europe and has a water surface of about 130 000 m².  The popular bathing beach Strandbad Wannsee is the legendary classic of the Berlin swimming locations. Down in the south-west of Berlin, close to the border with Potsdam, is a wide expanse of golden sand. The Strandbad Wannsee is an open-air lido with one of the longest inland beaches in Europe. With its 1300-meter long sand beach, Wannsee offered all the outdoor pleasures of summer to those Berliners who could not afford to vacation at the more exclusive resorts on the Baltic Sea.


5) Dresden Germany 

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Dresden Germany Saxony - Free photo on Pixabay

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Dresden has become one of Germany’s must-visit destinations. Dresden is always worth a trip. A beautiful city rich in art treasures, history and legend, seemingly created just to give you exceptional travel experiences. Dresden is Germany’s fourth-largest city after Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne. Dresden was called “the Florence of the Elbe” and was regarded as one the world’s most beautiful cities for its architecture. Dresden is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Germany. Visitors from all over the world pour into the city on the Elbe to explore and experience it


6) Westerland Beach, Sylt

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Sylt is one of the islands on the Surf World Cup Tour and there a plenty of opportunities to hit the waves along Westerland Beach. There are often no clear-cut boundaries between these beaches, and Sylt and its visitors have a reputation for being quite tolerant. There are several beach saunas across the island, or there’s the “Westerland Syltness” centre, with a range of wellness treatments. Westerland is a popular family destination.  With a dramatic coastal landscape and endless sandy strands, Sylt is perfect for those who love the seaside. There are a lot of things to do, places to go and things to see. Surfing and cycling are the two main activities that take place in Sylt especially in the hot months of the year. There are endless beaches and one can relax on these beaches, looking at the sea or the big blue sky. 


7) The Romantic Road

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The Romantic Road in Germany is a popular tourist route that spans 220 miles (350km) between Wurzburg and Fussen. The love affair between nature and culture brings joy to the heart of travellers.The Romantic Road is a scenic drive through Bavaria that leads you from the Franconia wine country to the foothills of the German Alps. The Romantic Road is a sybarite’s dream come true, cutting through Franconia’s wine country . The romantic road Germany is one of the oldest touring roads in the world! The German Romantic Road is one of the biggest magnets for tourism in the southern provinces of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg.


8) Dresden Striezelmarkt

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The Dresden Striezelmarkt is located on the Altmarkt Square, in the historical city centre.  Dresden has the largest number of Christmas markets in the eastern part of the country and is one of the cities that are able to lay claim to the title of being the oldest seasonal event in Germany. With its fun rides, glühwein and food stalls, and Christmas handicraft, Striezelmarkt is perfect for families and a must-visit. one of the oldest and largest Christmas market in Germany, the Dresden Striezelmarkt, named after the original Dresden Christmas stollen, the Striezel. Glittering lights, sparkling stars, looks of sheer delight on the faces of the children, mulled wine, the aroma of ginger bread and Christmas carols: the 582nd Dresdner Striezelmarkt is the oldest Christmas market in Germany as well as the senior one in Dresden.

9) Munich city

München, Stad, Architectuur, Gezichtspunt, Landmark

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Munich, by far the largest city in southern Germany, lies about 30 miles (50 km) north of the edge of the Alps and along the Isar River, which flows through the middle of the city. Located in southern Germany north of the Bavarian Alps, on the River Isar, Munich is Germany’s third largest city, its most visited after Berlin, and a city that seems to revel in its contradictions. The city’s culture centres on museums, music, beer and football. Munich is Germany’s third-largest city, with 1.54 million inhabitants, and its second-largest venue for employment, with 981,000 gainfully employed persons.

10) Warnemünde Beach, Rostock

Warnemünde Boats Holidays Baltic - Free photo on Pixabay

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The Baltic Sea Beach around Warnemünde. Mecklenburg’s Baltic sea coast around Rostock is well known for its lovely beaches. Warnemünde is a seaside resort and a district of the city of Rostock in Mecklenburg, Germany.  There is a lot going on here and plenty of space to do it: sunbathing, bathing, going for a stroll, playing ball games, building sandcastles, doing water sports. The fine sand in front of Warnemünde makes this place a particularly attractive place to build sandcastles. Rostock is the largest city in the German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, though not its capital. It is a hub for Baltic Sea ferries, Germany’s largest port for cruise ships by number of boardings and pleasant enough for a longer stay mostly due to its Hanseatic heritage.


 11) Heidelberg

Heidelberg Germany View - Free photo on Pixabay

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Heidelberg is a city in the region Rhein-Neckar in the state of Baden-Württemberg in the Federal Republic of Germany. Heidelberg Palace attracts around a million visitors from all over the world.  Heidelberg is a college town of southwest Germany, reputed for its universities and romantic cityscape. Surrounded by forested hills, it sits on the banks of the Neckar River. Heidelberg is a city that will capture your heart. Famous the world over, it is a perennial favourite among international tourists. Heidelberg is one of the prettiest and best-preserved towns in all of Germany.


12) European Film Market Berlinale

File:European Film Market Berlinale 2017 02.jpg

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Author: Maximilian Bühn

The European Film Market is one of the top three meeting places of the international film and media industries. The European Film Market (EFM) runs for nine days as part of one of the most important film festivals in the world, the BerlinaleEuropean Film Market, which is organised in conjunction with the Berlinale Film Festival, describes itself as one of the most important film markets worldwide. The European Film Market (EFM) is an annual film trade fair that is held on the sidelines of the Berlinale. It is a major industry meeting place for the distributors, film buyers, producers, financiers and co-production agents.


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