The Most Beautiful Places in France

1) France

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France, the largest country in Western Europe, has long been a gateway between the continent’s northern and southern regions. France remains the world’s number one tourist destination, and by and large it remains one of the safer places in the world to visit. France generally has cool winters and mild summers. However, along the Mediterranean they have hot summers. The north has cool weather. In the south it gets very hot in summer. Fruits such as oranges and lemons grow in the south. It has tourist sights for all tastes; it has some of the greatest beaches in Europe, as well as the highest mountains and the finest historic monuments, the most beautiful cities, the most idyllic countryside, the most magnificent castles, the finest rivers, and plenty more

2) Paris City 

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Paris, city and capital of France, located along the Seine River, in the north-central part of the country.  Paris, the capital city of France remains and will remain the most beautiful place for learning French while visiting a city overflowing with history. Paris was originally a Roman City called “Lutetia.” It’s believed that Paris only has one stop sign in the entire city. Paris is the most visited capital in the world and has famous monuments and specialties. There is a Statue of Liberty in Paris. Place de la Concorde is one of the biggest sundials in the world.


silver electric train in the middle of the street during daytime
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Silver electric train in the middle of the street during daytime.
The Bordeaux tramway network (FrenchTramway de Bordeauxconsists of three lines serving the city of Bordeaux in Aquitaine in southwestern France. Trams operate on all lines from around 4.30am until midnight, seven days a week with later service on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays until around 1.30am. All stops have panels showing the waiting time until the next tram. On Sunday and holiday mornings, trams run every 30/40 minutes until around 1000am then every 20 minutes. Weekday and Saturday services operate every 10 – 12 minutes with additional service during ‘rush hour’ and for special events. However, there is no service at all on May 1, Labour Day holiday.

4) Marche d’Aligre

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 Paris’ colorful Marché d’Aligre is one of the city’s most popular markets—and it also lies at the center of a vibrant neighborhood that offers visitors a variety of interesting and unusual things to do. .The outdoor stalls that fill the Place d’Aligre and rue d’Aligre are only open in the mornings from 9am-12:30pm.  Marché D’aligre Walking Food Tour. Paris Best Market tour. Enjoy a Food Tour in the most distinguished and picturesque market in Paris.


5) The Camargue, Provence

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The Camargue region, at the South end of Provence is very special with its white horses, bulls and rice fields. The Camargue is a major tourist destination in the south of France and is one of France’s 44 Regional Nature Parks.The Camargue is a unique area lying between two arms of the Rhône river. Its vast expanses give it a special atmosphere to be found nowhere else. The Camargue coast is a world apart, where land and sea unite to offer stunning marine landscapes and marshes as far as the eye can see.

 5) French Riviera

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The French Riviera, also known as the Côte d’Azur, is a dreamy French region that extends east along the coast from Menton and Monaco to Théoule sur Mer and up into the Southern Alps. The French Riviera refers to the beautiful Mediterranean coastline which stretches along the southeast corner of France. The French Riviera on the Mediterranean Cote d’Azur coast is one of the most popular visitor destinations in France.Located in southern Europe and at the most south-eastern tip of France, Nice is a privileged junction between the Alps, Provence, Corsica and Italy. 


6) Public-Market

File:A-public-market-in-Paris Marché-de-Grenelle located-in-boulevard-Grenelle sunday-first-juin-2008 from-Dupleix-subway-station 816x612.jpg

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The market Grenelle is a public Paris market installed on Sunday and Wednesday mornings located on Boulevard Grenelle under the subway line 6 (elevated railroad) between “Dupleix” and “La Motte-Picquet – Grenelle” stations.  This is larger market with over 30 stalls, offering products including meat and fish (including a rotisserie), bakeries and patisseries, fresh produce, olives, organic flowers, and regional specialties.


7) Bordeaux

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Bordeaux, hub of the famed wine-growing region, is a port city on the Garonne River in southwestern France. Bordeaux is in the Gironde department of the Aquitaine region. One of the most important cities in south-western France. Bordeaux is one of the largest, long lived, and most prestigious wine regions in the world.Bordeaux has more than 9,000 wine producers. Sixty percent of these producers make the wine on their own premises, while the remainder entrust this task to the 52 cooperatives.

8) Mont Saint-Michel

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MontSaintMichel, rocky islet and famous sanctuary in Manche département, Normandy région, France, off the coast of Normandy. The Mont SaintMichel is situated on the border of the Brittany and Normandy regions, both of which merit exploration. The Bay of Mont SaintMichel Marathon welcomes every year over 4,000 runners from all over France but also from all over the world. Designated a World Heritage site by Unesco, MontSaintMichel has between 2.4 and 2.8 million visitors per year.


 9) Croisette Beach

Cannes, France 2 | Cannes beach hotel Carlton | Greger Ravik | Flickr
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On the splendid Bay of Cannes, the private Croisette Beach is both charming and breathtaking. On the splendid Bay of Cannes, the Private Beach is both charming and breathtaking. Entirely renovated and imagined by Parisian architect Jean-Philippe Nuel, the Private Croisette Beach welcomes you in an elegant and relaxed world of bohemian chic. A unique cocoon with many services: heated outdoor pool, garden, private beach & restaurant, bar, room service, meeting room, fitness. 

10) Gardens of Marqueyssac, Dordogne

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The Château de Marqueyssac is a 17th-century château and gardens located at Vézac, in the Dordogne Department of France. The gardens of Marqueyssac proposes walks in a maze of 150 000 boxwoods. Planted relentlessly, during the XIXth century, boxwoods constitute the main theme of the walks. They are set-off by an arrangement showing great imagination and full of movement, at the expense of symmetry and regularity. The gardens of Marqueyssac are one of France’s listed ‘Jardins Remarquable’.


11) Antibes, French Riviera

ANTIBES , FRENCH RIVIERA | Daniel70mi Falciola | Flickr

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The French Riviera, that picture-perfect stretch of beach-hugging Mediterranean coastline, looks just like a fabled playground of the rich-and-famous would if an artist drew it. Antibes is a beautiful Mediterranean town on French Riviera, conveniently located between Cannes and Nice and prides itself with its beautiful beaches that attract many people from all around the world.  Beyond the megayachts and picture-perfect beaches, Antibes is a draw for its literary and artistic history.   Antibes is a peaceful and culture-filled city where life is good. All beaches are renowned for their water quality and most have life guards, showers and toilets. You will have a choice of a large number of beaches (la Gravette, la Salis, le Ponteil etc.) where you can enjoy many water sports or simply have a swim and sunbathe! 

12) Marché aux Fleurs de Nice -MarketFile:Nice, Marché aux fleurs (23980015333).jpg

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Nice Flower Market Stands - Free photo on Pixabay

The market it held every day, from 6 am to 5.30 pm except Mondays, Sunday afternoons and public holidays. The Cours Saleya market in Nice is particularly charming because of the fabulous Provencal flowers on sale. Marché aux Fleurs Nice. Perfuming the old town with the heady aroma of roses, lillies, sweet peas and citrus blossoms. there ARE lovely swaths of fresh flowers to be found here at the “market of flowers” there are also scores of other wonderful things. Local artisan products, meats, cheeses, fruits, veg, candles, fedoras, fish, oysters, and on and on and on.

13) Les Calanques de Cassis, Provence

File:Calanque near Cassis, Provence, France (6052442545).jpg

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A series of rocky inlets linking Cassis to Marseille over nearly 20 kilometres of marked trails, only the calanque of Port-Miou belongs to Cassis. The Calanques are a series of rocky cliffs and bays between the city of Marseille and the town of Cassis, in the south of France. A colourful fishing port just east of MarseilleCassis is where you can begin exploring the Parc National des Calanques. Walking the Cassis Calanques can take as little as a morning, or as long as a full day if you stop to refresh in the azure waters that weave through the limestone cliffs. It’s a fantastic family activity in Provence, France.



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